The complexities of homelessness are many

The complexities of homelessness are many. It is something that could affect anybody. From once rich and famous movie stars right down to the child who has never known any other life. People often see homelessness as an older man filthy, drinking and sleeping on the park bench. Whilst there might be a few out there that meet that stereotype the reality is that there is no one type. On any given night in Australia 1 in 200 are homeless (how many would that have been from your school?). Over 17,800 of these are children under the age of 10. The statistics are incredible.

The majority of times someone becomes homeless it could have been prevented if they knew where to seek help or those around them knew how to help. The impact of preventing homelessness is not only but most importantly beneficial to the person in question it also has a flow on affect around. It reduces costs to landlords and real estates and reduces costs to governments through firstly direct supports but also with health, financial benefits, legal and many more without going too deep.

The hoped outcome of this years Hike for Homeless is for a greater understanding of homelessness and what it is, where people can receive help and to raise funds to implement early intervention and prevention programs in an effort to reduce homelessness.


Hike for the Homeless